You Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark.


It may have been April Fool’s Day, but their new endeavor was definitely no joke. Fueled by a desire to combine their skill sets into a new way of executing graphic projects, Chris McCullick and Todd Ebersole launched Forge Graphic Works in 2011. Both owned decades of experience in the print world, but in entirely opposite trenches. Hailing from the client side, Todd became cool and calm under pressure. Steeped in creative chaos, Chris developed a pro’s passion and suspicion of boundaries. Together, they founded Forge, a foundry for communication innovation. With their experience and a team of design and print experts, Forge Graphic Works is ablaze.


Strategy Director


Creative Director


Strategy Director


Creative Director

The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.


We're Good At What We Do.


Whether your brand needs to be forged out of the blue or follow established guidelines, our design team can be as big or little as you want us to be. We cut our teeth working for some of the world’s largest companies and keep them sharp branding start-ups. Whatever the scope of your creative needs, local or global, they’ll be right in our wheelhouse.


Someone has to keep the trains running on time. With eyes not only on the entire route, but every mile of track, every rail, every tie and every nail, our project managers do just that. Their job keeps your job rolling down the tracks.


Our network of nation-wide installers are vetted for attention to detail the same as our staff. Wherever your project is bound, we have friends waiting at the gate who are invested no less than us. That way, the only one sweating your campaign’s launch is the competition.


We never know what our clients will dream up. We just know it’s ours to forge. Be it a display tower with custom molds, a table top with varied cut depths, or permanent signage to beacon your front door, forging phenomenal solutions is what we do. And, in the rare instance your idea is beyond our toolbox, we have a network of reliable partners who meet our expectations time and time again. All under the steady eye of our project managers.


When summiting mountains, the last steps are everything. No different for Forge. Laminating, mounting, die-cutting, sewing, bending or cutting, whatever your job’s final touch, we know how important a steady hand is when it’s time to plant the flag.


When it comes to large format printing, bigger keeps getting better. Both of our latex machines and our four UV flatbeds print on substrates wider than a basketball rim is high and our digital die-cutters can cut holes big enough to drive a truck through. We also have the ability to print a true spot gloss varnish for creative applications. But even though our equipment is impressive it’s not what sets us apart, our attention to detail does. Quality, not quantity drives everything we do.


Special forces, covert ops…call 'em what you will. Any creative outfit worth its salt needs at least one and we’ve got a team of them. On any given day our engineers can be found sketching out ideas, working up die-lines, or busy in our workshop making a shoe float or building 3-D displays which break down flat for shipping. Bring us anything from a napkin sketch to a full-fledged rendering of your idea and we’ll engineer it into existence.


Good in-store creative drives sales, unless it comes out of the box damaged. That’s why our fulfillment department is second to none. It’s never lost on us that the last person to touch your job is responsible for your entire first impression. Which is why our clients always come back to us. With Forge, you get everything we got.

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